The Ann Campana Judge Foundation (ACJF) accepts proposals by invitation only. Unsolicited proposals are not accepted and will not be acknowledged. The ACJF funds projects only in Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Panama, and Nicaragua. Only organizations based in the USA can receive funds from the Ann Campana Judge Foundation.

Mission Statement

The Ann Campana Judge Foundation exists to promote, undertake, support, and fund philanthropic projects focused on potable water, sanitation, and health in developing countries.

ACJF: Saving lives to honor one that was lost

The Ann Campana Judge Foundation (hereinafter referred to as the ACJF) honors Ann Campana Judge, former Travel Department Head of The National Geographic Society, who was murdered by terrorists on September 11, 2001, just a few months short of her 50th birthday. She was aboard American Airlines Flight 77, which was crashed into the Pentagon. She was a world traveler, mainly to developing countries, and a great supporter of students and those less fortunate than herself. The ACJF will perpetuate her memory by promoting, undertaking, supporting and funding philanthropic projects in and relating to developing countries, especially those projects focused on water, health and sanitation, and featuring student involvement.

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A 501(c)(3) Publicly-Supported Foundation (EIN 68-0517949)
A Non-Profit Incorporated in the State of Oregon (Registry Number 537504-94)
Established July 19, 2002